Hello! I’m Daniel. Last year, I left my cushy job at Amazon to work for myself. Since then I’ve been using this site to share what I’m doing and to document my pursuit of lifelong satisfaction and peace of mind. You can also find me on Twitter and a few other places, or you can also reach me on email.

Now Available

Almost everything I know about AWS, packed into a short digital book.

This is not your typical reference book. It doesn’t cover all of AWS or all its quirks. Instead, it helps you realize which AWS features you’d be foolish not to use. Features for which you almost never need to consider alternatives.

This is a book I co-wrote with Josh Pschorr. Between us, we have worked with AWS for 15 years, including 11 years working inside AWS. We have worked on all sorts of web applications, from small projects to massive web services running on thousands of servers. We have been using AWS since it was just three services without a web console, and we even got to help build a small part of AWS itself.

If this interests you, it would be an honor for us to have you read it.

Get it now!

Things I Wrote

Things I’m Making

  • Userbase
    A backend for frontend developers.

Things I Made

Platforms I Use

  • Twitter
    My favorite platform and where I tell it like I see it.
  • GitHub
    Where I share any code worth sharing.
  • Stack Overflow
    My tiny contribution to this vast knowledge base.
  • Medium
    I repost all my articles for people who prefer to engage through this platform.
  • Hacker News
    Where I get feedback from the hacker community.
  • Reddit
    Where I discuss things relevant to my work and other random topics.
  • Quora
    I occasionally answer questions related to the topics I write about.
  • LinkedIn
    My boring professional profile.
  • Indie Hackers
    Where I get to talk with other independent software makers like me.
  • Product Hunt
    Where I submit some of the things I make.