Emerging From The Unknown

My First 100 Days Working For Myself

On the first day I sat at my desk intent on writing some code so that I’d have something to sell as soon as possible. But then I remembered I was unknown to the world. I had no audience—and there was no reason for one to exist. Everything I had done throughout my career up to that point was locked within the confines of the companies I had worked for. I had no illusion that people would find whatever I was going to offer, and even if they did find me, why would they want to do business with me?

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Financial Independence

What If Passive Income Isn’t Necessary?

Financial independence is a state of personal finance in which you do not have to depend on your time and labor to finance your life. The typical path to get there is to build a steady stream of passive income from capital investments, allowing you to live your life without any financial worry, in perpetuity. This state also gives you the option, but not the obligation, to retire from work, if that’s what you want.

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From Employee to Bootstrapper

How I Prepared my Finances Before Bootstrapping

Earlier this month I left my cushy developer job at Amazon to work for myself. I am 35, living in Seattle with my wife and two small kids, ages 2 and 4. I’m starting this quest for an independent lifestyle with no business and household income yet, and my target is to cover my family’s expenses from my new work before I run out of savings.

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Freedom from Success

How I Take Risks Without Consequential Harm from Uncertainty

How much money should I have? How high up should I be in my career? How good should my reputation be? How well connected should I be?

The default answer to these questions is often “as much as possible.”

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